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Find Us In Dickinson, TX

 just west of I-45 South on FM 517 in Dickinson Texas (Across from Sutherlands Hardware).

What Our Customers Are Saying

They only say it after...because they are too busy eating our delicious food!
By far one of the BEST pizzas!! the staff is pretty great too. Be careful though, it can become addicting!
This place is great. It is not expensive and the food is great, very fresh. The Pizza dough and sauce is made in house. i have had the chicken parm, penne con pollo, fried cheese, salad, BEER super cold. The staff is great and it is now the only place i go to eat Italian food. I recomend you try it if you like great food for a very good price
This is a great place to get a pizza. We always order a large hamburger pizza and it is more than enough to feed my family of 4. It is the best pizza I have had in the Houston area. We have only tried their other italian entrees once and although they were great for the price, it is their pizza that keeps us coming back again and again.
This is by far the best pizza in Texas. I havent had a pizza this good in as long as I can remember. I was very excited to see a new place close to the house and we eat there at least once a week. We get the meatlovers and it is incredible. Girlfriend got the margehrita and she loved it also. We tried(sorry to Gios) the new place by target, it was the worst pizza and service ever. We will only eat at Gios for our pizza. Staff is always pleasant, we even showed up about 20 minutes to close and they were still very friendly and took care of us. Prices are very good, and the pizza is out of this world.
Tried Gio's for the first time based on good reviews on B4-U-EAT. I agree, this is excellent pizza. Had the 10" Meatlovers. Good crust, excellent toppings and generous, too. It's been a while since I ordered an individual pizza----been going to D*ouble D*ave's buffet (which I think the one in League is pretty good). At Gio's the 10" yields about 6 pieces and costs $11 including tax. I wondered if that was a bit high, but upon checking prices online, I find that price is about average. But theirs is way above average in taste.

Tell you what else is above average: the service. I observed that all waitstaff seemed to be taking care of business and the manager visited each table. The interior is nice, not elegant, but pleasant. I got the impression that the patrons that were there on my 1st visit were regulars. About half were eating pizza and the other half had ordered entrees (which looked good). Looks like Gio's is real deal Italian.
My wife and I visited for the first time 1 week ago and it was GREAT! My wife had the margherita pizza and I had a pepperoni/hamburger and we were wow-ed with the taste. Also had the stuffed mushrooms and they were fantastic. We will go regularly and high recommend to anyone in the Dickinson/League City area!